VIP Bitcoin Review: Ayuk, Investasi Cryptocurrency ♡

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Since everyone is asking me about VIP I figured I’d make a review about investing in cryptocurrency.

For Indonesians, the best (and only) portal to use is VIP (, sign up here).

Out of all the investment options available in Indonesia, cryptocurrency is far and away my favorite. There are two types of investors who play in the crypto market: day traders and holders. Most of my friends are day traders, though I personally prefer to hold (XLM, XRP, and maybe NXT in the future). Let’s take a look at the screens.

Minimum investment: Rp. 100.000
Indonesian bank account
Cara isi saldo: Transfer to a account (Permata or CIMB Niaga, or buy a voucher).


-Easy to get started.
Clean, simple, easy-to-understand.
-Lots of different investment options.
-Easy to use.
-Clean and simple.
-Low starting cost.
-Different risks of investments for you to choose from.


-No risk analysis, so not necessarily good for beginners who want something safe (think of crypto as kind of like stocks, but with way larger returns).
-Greater chance of loss.

Feel free to see a comparison chart of all the investment programs I’ve reviewed so far here. You can sign up for Bitcoin here!

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