Vestifarm Review: Crowd-farming

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Howdy! After reading a daily chat thread in r/indonesia I discovered that there are a few options to Tanifund, which like we saw earlier is a farm investing program that combines your funds with farmers who need them. Here’s a Vestifarm review for y’all today.

There are photos of the crops that you can invest in, which is nice.

When you want to look at the information about the program this is more or less what you see. I personally do not like the doodles–they aren’t very.. professional? I definitely prefer real photos.

Here’s a confusing “estimated earnings” sheet which I had to look over twice before understanding.

  • Most investment opportunities on this site are long-term and last for at least 2 years. However, there are also short-term investment opportunities that last 5 months.

Minimum investment: Rp. 1.500.000 – 2.500.000
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Pros of Vestifarm:

-Minimum investments are lower (around 1-2 jt).
-Shorter time periods make this a good option for short-term investments.

Cons of Vestifarm:

-Terrible UI. Absolutely not user-friendly at all.
-No photos and lack of detail creates distrust among users.
-Unclear calculations are difficult to visualize.
-No mobile application.
-Sells out very quickly.

Ick. The only reason I would use this service is if I wanted a short-term return. But I would do so begrudgingly, because I hate the user interface and the service is just so…. not intuitive.

Feel free to see a comparison chart of all the investment programs I’ve reviewed so far here.



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