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Official Bio

Theodora Sarah Abigail is an essayist and the author of In The Hands of a Mischievous God, a bestselling book published by KPG Gramedia in December 2017. She prefers to be called Ebi.

Ebi has written journalism features for Atlas Obscura and Greatist; she has also written for The Jakarta Post and Magdalene. Her works and essays mainly focus on the concepts of identity, heritage, and belonging.

Note: You may use the photo on the left any time you want. You are also free to use the photos from my Instagram if you wish to include it in an article you’re writing 🙂

Workshops + Talks

Writing as a Medium for ‘Coming In’, a half-day workshop hosted by UNPAD GHRS on September 9, 2018 alongside Talissa Febra.

The Pledge, as a panelist discussing Sumpah Pemuda and the state of Bahasa Indonesia in modern culture. UWRF 2018 alongside Ivan Lanin and Jean Couteau.

Letter of Love, a two-part children’s workshop on the art of letter writing and mail decorating. UWRF 2018.


Cerita 6 Penulis Perempuan Tentang Hari Buku Nasional, by Cosmo Indonesia (Alexander Kusumapradja). May 17 2018.

Sumpah Pemuda 90 tahun: Apa yang bisa dibanggakan dari bahasa Indonesia?, by BBC Indonesia. October 28 2018.



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