It’s always a struggle to balance the many types of writing I do — as a community and content manager, I often handle copywriting, social media campaigns, and SEO-targeted blogging for clients. But as a literary author, I write lyrical, personal narrative essays, strange poems, and zines that’ll make you reflect on your day.


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Are essential oils bs? (GREATIST)

Essential oils are a big deal right now, and for good reason: the rise of MLM giants like doTerra and Young Living means that consumers are being pushed towards them without knowing if they’re safe or not. After interviewing four different experts and doctors, I wrote this story detailing my discoveries. 

Too lazy to read? Essentially (hah, get it), essential oils are safe as long as they’re used within reason. They aren’t a magic cure for cancer or any other serious ailment. 


Meet the Man Behind Indonesia’s Chicken Church (Atlas Obscura)

The ‘Chicken Church’, as it’s so called (Gereja Ayam in Bahasa Indonesia) has become a popular tourist destination. After stopping by the legendary Borobudur Temple, people will often travel to Bukit Rhema, just two kilometers away.

At the top of the hill stands an enormous building shaped like a chicken — its origins are shrouded in mystery. Some said it was haunted, and others said it was left behind from the Dutch colonial era. We went to Magelang, Central Java to learn the true story behind this fowl building.


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Control Your Website Project Management Costs (Orrbitt)

‘Here’s a riddle for you: Designers, website developers, and business leaders are all very different, but there’s one issue that unites them all. What is it? Answer: Website project management costs, which are often wildly unpredictable and unmanageable.’

This short, SEO-targeted article was ghostwritten for my fantastic clients, who run a niche web agency exclusively tailored for health science businesses.


What’s a brand book, and how can you make one? (Toggl)

‘Back in the good old days, when the Internet was still new and everyone had eye-blinding Geocities blogs, brand books weren’t really that important.’

I write lots of blog posts for Toggl, but this is one I’m especially proud of. Building a brand doesn’t have to be boring or gut-wrenching. Have a little bit of fun with it — after all, it helps give your company an identity for people to identify with.


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