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Hi everyone! I was going to make a post on this blog announcing the publication of my book, but I totally forgot.

Anyways, it was published by Comma Books and KPG Gramedia. It’s a collection of ten long essays about me and my life and my childhood. I tried to stay away from topics like romance, because let’s be honest: there are only so many ways to tell a love story. There are a lot of weighty things inside the pages but I hope that you can find some truth in it.


To be entirely frank with you, I did feel a little rushed while writing this book. I had only 2-3 months to prepare it, and I think it would’ve benefitted a lot from several rounds of edits and revisions. So if you see any grammatical errors or writing mistakes, please forgive me.

Writing this book has released a burden from my back. For such a long time I was obsessed with external validation; I’d compare myself to other writers in my age group and wonder why I was so far behind. Mischievous God helped me realize that none of that matters at all. We are often surrounded by echo chambers that chorus back to use exactly what we say we need to hear, and that is nice but not conducive to growth.

So instead I have resigned myself to the fact that popularity and wide acceptance are not as important as we are telling ourselves they are. And I thank the world for the adversity it has given me so far, because it has propelled me to continually change and hone my craft.

If ever you feel frustrated by how far behind you are or how lacking you are in some perceived necessary character trait, remember that so many times you are not as privileged as the people above you. Whether it is because they had more time, more money, more lessons, more support–imagine how wonderful the world could be if everyone had unlimited amounts of support!

All we can keep doing is our best.



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