Koinworks Review: P2P Crowdlending

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Halo semua! Today my review is going to be about Koinworks, a small-scale P2P lending service. Like most of these other investing platforms, Koinworks is monitored by OJK.

How it works: A company or person asks for a loan from other people, who are the “peers”. You and I can invest and support the company in getting this loan–you may only want to invest Rp. 500.000, and that’s fine.

  • The login screen is basically like a mobile webpage. A few months ago it was a normal desktop page, so I’m not sure what happened.
  • Browse in English or Indonesian.

Personally I really like Koinworks, much more than I expected to. I think if you are a student who wants to invest, then this would be a great way to get started. Stick with the A1-A4 investments to be safe, so that in case something happens your money will be returned.

Another thing I like about Koinworks is that everything is pretty clear. Unlike Tanifund, which gives you a prospects sheet, you won’t really get that with Koinworks. It’s a big trust thing, especially with P2P lending. You will get some basic information, like the name of the company, how much profit they make per year, etc.

It’s not as fun as crowd farming, but it certainly gets the job done.

Minimum investment: Rp. 100.000
Indonesian bank account
Cara isi saldo: Virtual account (BCA/CIMB Niaga) a/n pendana


-Easy to use.
-Clean and simple.
-Low starting cost.
-Different risks of investments for you to choose from.
-Guarantee that if the lender does not pay, then you will get your money back (for A1-A4 rated investments). 


-Desktop interface is kind of weird.

Feel free to see a comparison chart of all the investment programs I’ve reviewed so far here.



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