Holiday Gift Shopping

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I’m a little sad today, because one of my indie perfumes fell to the floor and the glass cracked! Now our bedroom smells wonderful, but my perfume is gone T^T

The first issue that I’ve run into with these blogs: what do I do when I want to talk about the same thing on two different websites?! This was supposed to be a blog about my daily life, but I also want to share today’s topic (gifts) on Honeygotchi… and I don’t want that site to be penalized because of duplicate content… woe is me!

Oh well. Today’s all about 1) getting scripts done 2) revising the Big Important Project (that I actually had a terrible dream about–I dreamt that it launched and that no one came and that it turned out to be awful and no one gave me flowers or congratulated me, and it was so scary), 3) writing my next article, and 4) MAKING CHRISTMAS SHOPPING PLANS.

YES. It’s time! This year I’m not really shopping for that many people. My mom, brothers, husband, maybe my close friends… it’s been a pretty busy year, after all.

One thing you should know about me is that I absolutely LOVE giving gifts. (You know what? I’ll just talk about the process here, and share the finished products over on Honeygotchi. That way I can talk about the same thing, but in different ways). I love packing everything and just trying to figure out what to put inside and I love wrapping everything and making it look amazing ♡ So now that I actually have disposable income, you bet I’m gonna dispose of it the best way I know how.

I’m going to make care packages for my family, and then I’m going to go all out with some sort of “kit” for my husband. I’m also doing an exchange with @cherikitten, one of my new friends from Instagram. That’ll be a lot of fun… And I also signed up for Reddit Gifts so that I can join the Christmas exchange! I wonder who I’ll be paired with ♡

Just a quick update for everyone today. I went to the in-mall playground a few days ago with Baby. She gets cooped up a lot so I thought some happy time would be nice! And we also slept over at one of Mr. Husband’s friend’s houses so that he could get some help on his assignment.

To be entirely honest, I’m absolutely still struggling with the idea of “not being enough”. What is it about this world that makes us feel so inferior? Confession: I’ve been thinking about deleting social media, so that maybe I can finally stop comparing myself with other people.. Still, those are really just passing thoughts. For now, I’m going to keep on keeping on, with social media and all of my other projects. I finally finished work on the Big Important Project, so hopefully the rest of the year will end nicely.

How are you doing? Any fun plans in store for the holidays? ♡ (I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week!).

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