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I have started and restarted this blog a number of times, and this is the umpteenth time doing so because for some reason, all of my files have disappeared. Unfortunately, I do not feel like uploading 700 MB of data and waiting 4+ hours for a backup that may not even restore properly, so we are starting all over again!

I feel like nowadays, everyone on the Internet is either incredibly guarded or incredibly fake. To tell you the truth, I long for that period of time ten years ago on LiveJournal and everywhere else, when people would overshare ridiculous stories about their day and form little, warm communities.

It seems that every other blogger on the Internet in the past few years is just incredibly phony (thanks, Holden Caulfield). They create these shiny, smooth surfaces that are wonderful to look at, but once you knock on them, you’ll find that they’re hollow. Whenever I open a blog, it just feels like I’m being targeted by a machine and that I”m reading about companies, not people.

And what’s with the whole “hustle” and “online business guru” mindset that so many copywriters have nowadays? Half of the time I hear about (or from) copywriters, it’s because they’re advertising for some ridiculous $500 course full of rehashed information that’s easily available online. It just sounds cheap and disingenuous.

Anyways–first and foremost, I am a writer, not a businessman or a marketer. I love words, and I love the act of creation. I am inspired to write because I have seen firsthand how powerful language can be in the hands of those who wield it properly.

Welcome to my blog, warts and all. I’m trying to care less about superficial things and to live more authentically. I’ll probably use this website as a place to host my daily thoughts, sell my books, gently advertise my writing services, and compile all of my works so far.

I hope you enjoy your stay.

Warmest regards,


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  2. HI,
    I love that you feel empowered to start over- because being witness to something good, and trying it again, you are stronger for it. I love your truer sense of humility and hope that tagging along on your blog – will get me off my back side to start writing again.
    take care and Merry Christmas.

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