Bareksa Review: Pengalaman Investasi Dengan Bareksa

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I’ve always wanted to invest in retirement and in good causes, and I’ve recently been obsessed with finding Indonesian services that help lenders and investors….well, make investments. I’ve been meaning to share this for a few weeks. I’ve decided to turn this into a mini-series about investment opportunities in Indonesia. Here’s my first one, a Bareksa review.


Bareksa is, I’m guessing, a portmanteau of “bareng” and “reksadana”, which is the Indonesian word for mutual funds. This is basically a site where you can invest in different mutual funds, run by different managing investors. They’re certified by OJK, which is the authority on funds and finances and all that good stuff in Indonesia.

Making an account is super-duper easy. I stay at home most days and take care of Baby, so I try to minimize my time outside. Bareksa offers online registration (100% online!) which is really handy. I was able to create an account and have it ready within about 24-36 hours.

Take a look at all the available funds and sort them however you like.

Different funds have different returns (of course) and different managing fees, but it’s pretty fun to look at the different statistics and pick which ones you want to invest in. For now I’ve purchased some Sucorinvest funds (Maxi + Flexi). They do have some English-language pages, and I’m pretty sure as long as you have an Indonesian bank account you can invest in these funds. A handy prospects sheet is always provided with every fund, and there’s a ton of documentation, so I’d say it’s pretty safe.

You can click on a specific fund and get super in-depth information, like purchasing fees (if any), prospects, returns for different time periods, and even a handy Bareksa Barometer which tracks how well Bareksa thinks the fund will perform in the future.

The downloadable prospects page.

Personally I think Bareksa is a great choice for beginners. You can even choose to sign up for the Bareksa Fund Academy (BFA), which is a WhatsApp group created to help newbies learn about investing in mutual funds. The one problem with this is that it’s in Indonesian (I copy pasted everything in Google Translate, which worked well enough for me). They discuss the different types of funds (money market, fixed income, etc.) and answer any questions the group participants may have, which is awesome.

Downloadable facts sheet for the specific fund.

A closer look.

Minimum investment: Rp. 100.000-250.000
Requirements: Indonesian bank account

I’ll update this post in a few months to check back in!

Feel free to see a comparison chart of all the investment programs I’ve reviewed so far here.






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