Liz Lisa Makeup Review (with swatches) ♡

 Hello everyone! I received an edition of Popteen magazine a few weeks ago. Popteen (and a lot of other Japanese mooks/magazines) gives readers free gifts with every issue. Sometimes they’ll be makeup, sometimes they’ll be small bags… sometimes the gift is a cute accessory that you can wear.

Popteen likes to partner a lot with Liz Lisa, so the monthly gift can sometimes be Liz Lisa makeup. That’s what I’ll be reviewing today!

This is what’s inside the box–an eyeshadow quad and a Liz Lisa sheer lip gloss.

Here’s a closer look at the eyeshadows! Now, I’m still just a beginner on my makeup journey, but I did like these colors. I don’t know how to compare different makeup formulas yet but I would say that these fade easily when applied, even over my Canmake eyeshadow base. 

Shade 1 all over the brow, Shade 2 on the corners, and shade 3 as a slight dusting near the eyeliner line (I’m a total newbie, so please forgive my…terrible explanation skills). I don’t use the lip gloss from Liz Lisa much, I’m actually wearing a Canmake lip balm in this photo.

Alright! That wraps up my Liz Lisa makeup review for today. Have any of you gotten your hands on this makeup set from Popteen x Liz Lisa? If so, what are your thoughts on it? I’d love to hear them! ♡ 

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