Month: December 2017

Don’t Read the Comments

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(Enjoy this selfie of me bc I didn’t know what else to put for the image on this post). Honestly, just don’t read the comments. I had the honor of being published by–I wrote a piece entitled “What a Teen Mom and College Dropout Wishes Other Working Moms Would Realize“. My goal in writing it was to uplift other young mothers and to reassure them that they’re doing a great job, no matter what […]

Koinworks Review: P2P Crowdlending

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Koinworks Halo semua! Today my review is going to be about Koinworks, a small-scale P2P lending service. Like most of these other investing platforms, Koinworks is monitored by OJK. How it works: A company or person asks for a loan from other people, who are the “peers”. You and I can invest and support the company in getting this loan–you may only want to invest Rp. 500.000, and that’s fine. The login screen is basically like […]