I know I don’t look it, but I do have quite a few tattoos now–5–and I figured it was time to make a recommendation of my favorite tattooists in Jakarta, Bali, and the rest of Indonesia. Many tattooists in Indonesia use hourly pricing and work in studios–a single studio usually consists of four or five different artists. I’ll add a link to the Bali studio blog post a bit later!

Sidespace Parlour

Address: Brew & Wood Coffee (3rd floor), Jl. Puri Mutiara Ruko 35A, RT.9/RW.11, Cilandak Bar., Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12430

Prices: Rp. 850.000 minimum, ~Rp. 1.650.000 per hour

Sidespace moved from Kuningan to Cilandak at the end of 2018 (ish?) and I have to say that their new place is both beautiful and comfortable. It’s well-lit, with the AC on on full blast, and there’s a coffee shop on the lower level in case you get thirsty. They’ve always opened the tattoo needles directly in front of me and I feel very safe around everyone there. In case you don’t want to make conversation, there’s super-fast Wifi 🙂

All the tattooists here are artists in their own right, so I would suggest working together with them to create a custom design. It can be very disheartening to ask them to simply copy someone else’s work; you can request that they put their own ‘spin’ on someone else’s design, but outright plagiarizing from someone else/the Internet is a no-no 🙁


If you need a cute tattoo, then @subidupapa is definitely the way to go. This tattoo of mine (below) took 30-40 minutes and measures about 3 cm tall. Make sure you have a clear reference (or two or three) to show him.

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I love Kak Nadya’s tattoos; they’re so vibrant and lively. I don’t have a tattoo from her yet. She’s the founder of Sidespace and the tattooist there with the most visually recognizable style. I love her use of shape and color! At the time that I’m writing this (May 2019), Kak Nadya is fully booked until November. So make sure to plan ahead (or catch her during Flashcember).


Kak Agatha comes very recommended by a dear friend of mine, and she specializes mainly in geometric blackwork. She has a ‘wispy’, sketch-like style to her tattoos.


Kak Jati specializes in brush-like, oriental tattoos and is also particularly talented at flowers and cute, realistic images. I haven’t personally gotten a tattoo from him!


Kak Danang also focuses on blackwork, but his lines are stronger and thicker than Agatha’s.

Twin Monkey Tattoo Studio

Address: Palem Barat no. 37, Duri Kepa, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta, Indonesia

Prices: Rp. 850.000 minimum, ~Rp. 1.650.000 per hour

I haven’t personally been to Twin Monkey yet, but they work closely together with Sidespace and I trust them. My cousin got a tattoo from Roy and said the experience was perfectly great. This studio was started by Adith in 2010 and has grown to include three other tattooers, all known for their blackwork.

Adith Setya

He’s just recently become a father! Make sure to congratulate him. His sleeves are to die for.

Jerry Tan

Jerry has a comic-like style and impeccable shading. His lines and overall style is a bit thicker/heavier than Nick’s.

Roy Effendi

As far as I know, Roy is the tattooist you’ll get when you want a traditional tattoo (unless, of course, you have a specific preference for one of the others).

Nicholas Filbert

Nick is the author of several adult coloring books which are all gorgeous. Did you know he also drew the covers for the Indonesian translations of the Harry Potter books, so that makes him super cool IMO.


Address: Gandaria Heights Apartment, next to Gandaria City Mall, By Appointment Only, Kebayoran Lama, RT.10/RW.6, Kby. Lama Utara, Kby. Lama, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12240

Prices: ??

If you thought Nadcil had a booked schedule, wait ’til you try to make an appointment with Kak Mulie. He only accepts ideas that he finds meaningful, and only opens slots in July for the next year (so this July 2019, he’ll be accepting appointments for 2020). I love his tattoos and how creative he is and I really hope I’ll be able to get on the list for 2020.

If you need to contact any of them, simply reach out to Whatsapp or email–though DM-ing them on IG also works fine in my experience (unless they say not to!).

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