Poesie Perfume Reviews Master List

Hi everyone! To make this a little bit easier for y’all, I’ve placed all of my reviews in an Airtable. You can filter and sort by collection, by type of perfume.. so I hope you’ll enjoy this masterlist of Poesie Perfume reviews.

Overall, as a perfume house, I find that Poesie excels in creating light, whistle-like fragrances. They don’t always have the best throw or longevity, but while they’re around, they’re so bright, lovely, and simple. To solve the longevity problem, I usually dab the perfume into my hair, and then it lasts for the whole day.

My favorites from Poesie include Innocence, Madar, and Tiny Phantom—all delicate fragrances that boast strong sweetness. Others to try include County Line and Madchenland.

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